Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A moment of silent gratitude

I would like to take a moment to give thanks to those people who invented e-mail, faxes and scan capabilities and then made those things affordable and accessible to the average person. It is so friggin cold and yucky outside and I have contracts that have to be delivered. I don't have to step outside of the toasty warm confines of my house. I can scan and e-mail the little devils.

So thank you, whoever you might be, and I hope that you made a lot of money off your little inventions because you deserve it.

The little pixie to the right has the cutest outfits. I just love her coat, I wonder where I can find one like that. Unfortunately it would only get worn once in a blue moon here. It says it's 1 C. I think that translates to about 33 F.



Freebird said...

I agree, I'm able to work at home because of it.

A Girl From Texas said...

Hi Nora. You're the only blogger who's hung with me through the change.

It's ok. I made the switch but beta blogger is getting better. My posts upload faster and it's feels easier than the older version.

It could just be that I'm accustomed to it now.