Saturday, January 20, 2007

Teach a man to fish

I have discovered someone who's work has had a really big impact on my life. A very big positive impact on my life. And if I don't say anything else here worth your time than this, then I would be satisfied.

Way back when, while working at Accenture (then known as Andersen Consulting), I listened to a speaker. I loved this guy but for whatever reason, I didn't keep his name or information about him. Then, a friend, invited me to hear him speak last December.

I have been in sales for over 6 years and I've heard a lot of motivational speakers: Tom Hopkins, Zig Zigler etc. None of them, really hit home for me or said anything that I felt I could really incorporate into my life without feeling 2 dimensional. But this guy is phenomenal.

I invested in one set of CD's. I wanted to hear him first before investing in more of his stuff. I love it. I listen to them as often as I can and I find that I am incorporating his techniques in my life and I can sense a change in myself. I am having a fantastic first month in my new business and I have to give some credit to his work. It isn't just the money I've made but also the opportunities that have opened up to me

So, who is it? It's Brian Tracy. I wish that I had started listening to him years ago.....

Oh, and which CD's did I buy? I bought "The Psychology of Achievement" because I wanted something that could help me address the ROOT of it all.


Freebird said...

I used to date someone who used to listen to the tapes in his sleep. I guess he thought he could absorb them into his psyche. Dunno.

I saw your comment below about beta blogger. I'm glad you think its improving. I'm not ready to make the switch. Afraid to. Guess they'll have to take me kicking and screaming. Have a good weekend.

A Girl From Texas said...

Hi there friend. I have lurkers but you're the only one willing to post. *sigh*

Thanks for hanging in there with me!

tolemakr said...

He has a great website. I loved him coming out and talking to me.

I signed up for two newsletters. I would love to order Eat That Frog and The Power of Charm.

Heck, I think I've lost all my charm. I used to be such a charming thing too. Now I feel as if I'm on guard all the time and that comes out when dealing with people.

I'm loving typepad. Not using it as often as I would like because I'm so busy but I like the control it gives me. Also, you can import your old blogger blog into it.

I wasn't able to because mine was lost before I got the chance. If beta keeps giving you problems you can always switch to typepad and bring your entire blog along.

Sorry I haven't commented lately. I've been mostly reading and not much commenting. I may not be saying anything but, I'm still hanging in there with you...will as long as you are here.

A Girl From Texas said...

Cathy! Hi! Tell me how you like the newsletters.

I really should sit down and blog about ALL of the very very cool things that have happened for me. This month has been STELLAR. I earned enough to stay in business for 3 months. I didn't think I would come out of the gates like this.

BT has helped me with focus, a lot! Of course, the moral support i have received from my brother and sister has helped a lot too.

Forest Lady said...

Hey I can use some motivation! I'll check it out!

Michelle said...

I used to listen to Tony Robbins tapes. I'm not even sure if I know where they are now, ha. I'll have to google Brian Tracy and see what he has!