Monday, April 02, 2007

Just stuff

I released the last three butterflies yesterday afternoon. They all hatched at about the same time. They were so cute.

It takes them a while after their wings have dried to move on. They remind me of planes on the tarmac prepping to fly. They open and close their wings and they move their heads back and forth. It's almost as though they are going down a checklist of things prior to take off. I kissed them goodbye... how cool is that? I only had the cocoons a few days but I miss them.

I want to plant milkweed to attract more butterflies.

The Amaryllis bulb is opening up but I am still unable to determine what color it is going to be. It's driving me crazy. I go out and check it every day.

I'm pretty well settled into my new home. We all seem to be well adjusted. I feel different. Funny, I don't really miss the Allen House. I think I had outgrown it a couple of years ago. I just needed that "push" out the door.

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ranger said...

They are pumping their blood, aka hemolymph, throughout their bodies and warming themselves up so that they can fly off. Even after studying it and seeing it happen, it still amazes me how insects can transform the way they do.