Monday, April 09, 2007

New Favorite Passtime

Meet Little Bear. He is the sweetest kitty a person could want to have. And unfortunately, has become the source of twisted amusement for me.

It's not that bad, really. I have hardwood floors now. Something I've never had before. I find it amusing to chase him and watch him slip and slide all over the floor as he makes his getaway.

Believe me, this little kitty gets a ton of kisses and affection.

This is a picture of him on my desk. He has decided this is his new spot.


Anonymous said...

We have hardwood too and we still laugh when the dog slips. And, it is hysterical to watch her fall through the snow when she's trying to go to the bathroom. It's that nice crusty snow that can't support any weight, so she often falls through to her chest. Hysterical! If that makes you feel less twisted.

A Girl From Texas said...

Ha ha, I feel much better! I enjoy teasing him. He's just so gullible....