Thursday, April 19, 2007

What's Not Being Said -

Ok, now that I'm working from home, I have time on my hands. So, be forewarned, this is a soapbox post.

I read that the Earth's population is 6.5 billion. If I'm not mistaken, that number looks like this 6,500,000,000. The population of the US is about 330 million; 330,000,000. We make up about 5% of earth's population. If indeed, man is contributing to Global Warming, I seriously doubt that the U.S. is contributing as much to it as some politicians would like us to believe.

Did you know that 50 - 60 volcanic eruptions occur annually? Not all of them as great as Pinatuba or Mount St. Helen. But they are emitting gases into the air. Gases like CO2 and SO2. I remember when Pinatuba erupted, my father, who was a geologist, said "That volcano just put 100 years worth of industrial gas right into the air". He didn't specify if that was U.S. industrial gas or worldwide industrial gas. It's too late to ask him to which he was referring.

I don't doubt that the earth is warming up, the evidence is pretty clear. I'm just not sold on "man" being the big culprit. I seriously doubt man can really do that much to control the earth's warming. And if man could do something about it, it's way beyond anything that our country can do. If man is actually 50% of the problem, then would that make us only 2.5% of the solution?

If we could prove, without a doubt, that man contributed enough gases such that if we changed our ways we could actually reverse the impact, then I would think the culprits are going to be the larger populations..... China, India ..etc.


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