Saturday, January 05, 2008

Basketball been bery bery good to me.

I went to the basketball game this evening and watched the Rockets clean up the court with the Knicks. 103 - 91 was the final score.

Baseball has been my favorite. It's a pass-time for me. An opportunity to kick back and spend quality time with my brother.

But I have to admit, basketball is pretty fun. My friend bought season tickets and she has invited me to two games so far. We have so much fun. I love our little mascot, Clutch. I love the high energy and watching the girls dance on the court during timeouts and between halves. I envy all that energy.

Having seats just 8 rows from the court doesn't hurt either. We're right behind the net.

It would be just so awesome if we made it to the Finals this awesome.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd have fun I had such good seats too!

A Girl From Texas said...

Having great seats makes a huge difference. Yao Ming is really very interesting to watch. He makes everyone look like a dwarf.