Tuesday, January 22, 2008


As everyone knows, I am just crazy in love with my little Seamus. Whatever I'm doing he has to somehow be involved.

Initially, I placed the litter box in the bathroom. I had to put it someplace where I would see it all the time so that I would remember to empty it. I'm the "out of sight out of mind" sort of person. So anyway, every time I would use the restroom, Seamus would jump in the litter box and potty. And if he didn't need to, he would still get into position.

A friend gave me her automatic scoop litter box and it's very big, so it doesn't fit in the bathroom. It's in my project room. I love it, it's wonderful. Now all I have to remember to do is empty the waste receptacle part of it.

I cleaned out the old pan and it's sitting in my bathroom until I decide what do to with it. So, Seamus being Seamus, still thinks he should jump in it every time I use the restroom. He doesn't do anything but he definitely thinks he's doing what he thinks I'm doing.


Anonymous said...

Animals are so funny.

A Girl From Texas said...

They are. He snorts when he's excited. I have a feather toy that he goes nuts over and he snorts.

Cathy said...

My dogs follow me to the bathroom but they don't mimic my actions. Thank goodness!!

Your Seamus sounds sweet. Sounds as if he is as attached to you as you are to him.