Thursday, February 14, 2008

Campaign Science

The "candidate matchmaker" I have posted just prior to this post has really been making me think. For some time now, I've been posting about my thoughts and opinions regarding the Republican Party and how I'm ready to abandon ship and go Democrat. Even going so far as to declaring my desire to vote for Hillary Clinton.

If someone told me 8 years ago that I would be voting for Hillary, I would have laughed in their face. Fast forward to today and that's where I am. I am about to vote for "the enemy".

So, I take the quiz and I discover that based on my answers and Hillary's existing position on the issues she is the least compatible with my views on politics and Huckabee is the strongest. And yet, I still want to vote for Hillary.

That's where the science of campaigning has to be an extremely fascinating phenomenon. I'm curious about the different markets that candidates have to woo. I guess I don't fall into the "I want to see where they stand on the issues before deciding" market. Because, obviously, I'm voting for the one I'm least aligned with. How do candidates decide to market themselves? What do they throw away and what do they keep as benefits for their constituents.

I guess it goes back to the seduction of G.W. I fell for him.....hard. And then I regretted it. So what difference does it make if they line up or not.

James Carville is the only political consultant I know of and I really know so little about him. But for some reason, I feel like I know of him well enough to think he's probably the best. But I'm sure timing is everything. Bill Clinton's campaign was the right time for Carville. Still, I would have to think that listening to his strategies and the reasoning behind them would be absolutely fascinating!


Anonymous said...

Those quizzes are hard, because they don't allow for nuances. "Abortion is a woman's right." Well, that's not just an easy yes or no for me. I think if the father wants to raise the child, unless it was rape, or would harm the mother's life, she should have to have it and let him raise it. She didn't get into it alone, and yes she has to carry the baby but you know what? You had sex, you got pregnant, deal with it. Some of them I don't really no anything about, so I can't pick, which I'm sure skews everything.

Chris said...

There are degrees there. Mine was interesting. It went:
McCain 45%
Obama 40%
Clinton 38%
Gravel 35%
Paul 33%
Huckabee 30%

I had pretty much already decided it would be between McCain and Obama (so who wins the Democratic spot is pretty important in that respect)

A Girl From Texas said...

They are tough quizzes, and it's not an exact science but it's interesting how it turns out.