Friday, February 15, 2008

Josiah Leming - A Star is Born

I am absolutely crazy in love with this kid. He auditioned for American Idol, made it to Hollywood and then got cut. He was having trouble working with others and with other material. I think they did a big favor for him by letting him go. I know a lot of people are upset by it but I don't think he would have been able to shine because he was having so much trouble working with the unfamiliar. And that's part of how you grow with AI. If the performer can't go out of his/her comfort zone, then he/she can't grow. He is still somewhat pretentious but so were Elton John & Bernie Taupin when they first started.

I sincerely hope this kid grows and isn't just a flash in the pan. That's up to him, though. Enjoy the video.


Anonymous said...

I missed the whole part on Wednesday's show where he was crying about rehearsals. . .what was up with that?

A Girl From Texas said...

He was given a list of 200 songs to pick one. I dont' know how long it took to pick the song but he picked "stand by me" and he was given a band to sing with. He couldn't work with the band. He was feeling the pressure that this whole audition could look bad and he wasn't able to be flexible with the band. Because the rehearsals were so bad, he stayed up all night the night before and stressed over it. That's what started the melt down.

When he finally did his audition, he decided to send the band home and his audition didn't deliver. So, they let him go.

Anonymous said...

I saw the audition part where he dismissed the band, but I hadn't seen what started the crying in the lobby where the coach was trying to explain that it was his fault (which I thought she did very nicely!)

A Girl From Texas said...

I'm getting a lot of hits on my blog from people googling Josiah Leming. He's a very popular search right now.