Tuesday, February 14, 2006

My Valentine's Day

We have the sweetest guy in our office, Eric. I love him to pieces. I don't know if I've ever mentioned him before but he is one of those people you wish you could shrink and carry around in your pocket with you. I absolutely adore him.

He sends cards on Halloween and brings little trinkets to each of us to express how much he likes working with us. So, today, he brought each of us a Valentine's Day gift....... yes, Eric brought us each a battery powered toothbrush. Not just any battery powered toothbrush, an Oral B one. We each got a different color toothbrush presented with a bright red bow around the package. He really is a cutie pie.

And then, there's Philip. Every other year, he sends me flowers. So, this was the year. We don't date and I rarely see him. He has just decided that I am someone he wants to send flowers to. I think that is such a sweet gesture. I've met other women who receive flowers from him and they just don't get it. They worry he wants something from them.

And ironically, my friend, Kathy brought me a bouquet of flowers last week in celebration of my news at work. So, I had a lot of flowers at my desk. You would think I was in the hospital or something.


Freebird said...

Glad you had a nice day. :-)

So what's up with Eric? Married? Involved? Gay? He sounds like such a sweetheart.

A Girl From Texas said...

The third option. He's very girly but at the same time such a perfect gentleman. Helps me carry things in from my car, opens doors, insists on letting me ride in the front, etc.

Freebird said...

Maybe he is gay, but hasn't "come out."

Cathy said...

Too bad there aren't more straight men out there who know the impotance of good dental hygiene or at least coming up with an original gift. Eric sounds like a sweetie and wouldn't you know, some man will get all the benefits.

A Girl From Texas said...

No is gay. Definitely gay and has a partner of almost 8 years. They are very cute together.

A Girl From Texas said...

Oh, and he is one of the most well-adjusted, self-confident people I know.