Thursday, February 16, 2006


My maid came today!

My apartment is so clean. She called me at work and told me she wasn't able to do everything. I guess my apartment was dirtier than I thought.... :( I was embarrassed because she had been here for 3 hours when she told me she would have to leave.

But also, she is very slow, which is why I wanted her. She cleans our office and I've seen how she works. I've had maids in the past who were fast and they broke my stuff. So my colleagues told me not to worry, she is very slow.

Anyway, I'm home and my place looks great!!!! I'm so happy. I can see where she needs to do more, but it's cool. She'll pick it up next time she comes. I'm really very pleased to have such a clean place.

I'm doin' the happy dance!


Freebird said...

That's great! I've never had maid service before. I actually don't mind cleaning, its cooking I hate.

I once cleaned John's house for him in return for him working on my computer when it had a virus. He spent a lot of time on it and I felt bad. Anyway, NEVER AGAIN. O.M.G. I'm thorough but fast and I swear it took me 6-7 hours of backbreaking labor.

How bad was it? A few months ago he called a maid service. Two women showed up and they soon called for back-up - but you didn't hear it from me. ;-)

Enjoy your clean apt.

A Girl From Texas said...

I threw out about 2 or 3 bags of garbage. I wonder if she cleaned under my bed. I need to check. I moved my tarot cards under it because I didn't want her to find them and freak out. Some people feel funny about that kind of stuff.

Cathy said...

Wonderful, I'm envious. I've always done my own cleaning also but would love to have the experience of having a maid come in. Know what I would really love? Someone to do laundry. I wouldn't dislike getting rid of the dust bunnies nearly as badly if I knew I never had to do laundry again. That would be heaven!

A Girl From Texas said...

Laundry. Later, after we get our routine down, I might ask her if she could include laundry. But w/d are not inside my apartment, so that may be an issue.

I hate laundry, too. I think because it is such a mundane task and I don't have w/d in my apartment. I wait until I'm out of clean underwear before I do laundry....I have a lot of undies, too.

Jessey said...

I'd just like someone to come over to my house and completely disinfect and scrub and shine my bathrooms. I don't mind cleaning everything else, I just HATE cleaning the bathrooms.
It's really amazing how a room dedicated to cleanliness can itself get so disgustingly dirty.

A Girl From Texas said...

Yeah, she cleaned a lot. Now that I see how clean it is, I understand how dirty it was. How embarrassing.

But you know, I work 6 days a week and lately 'till 7 and 8. I just don't have any time. It is so worth the expense to have one.

She'll come in twice a month, I think that will suffice.