Monday, February 27, 2006

An observation - the power of a common enemy

I read an interesting article this afternoon where Hillary Clinton was quoted that Karl Rove is obsessed with her running for office. You know, I think she's right. For the longest time, Republicans at almost every level have hated Hillary Clinton. Karl Rove is a very very smart and strategic man. The Republicans have two challenges ahead of them.

They need to regain the constituents they lost as a result of Bush's policies and they need to collect funds. How clever to use Republicans hatred toward Hillary to gather a momentum for support and funds.

I have for a very very long time been one of those Republicans who hated Hillary; anyone who knows me, knows how little I have trusted her. And today, as I was reading that article, I realized I didn't hate her nearly as much as Bush. During brunch with my friends this Sunday, Bill Clinton came up as a topic. I disliked BC but I didn't hate him as much as Bush. I don't think I've felt so angry towards any President.

So, I can honestly say that if Hillary runs for office, I can visualize myself voting for her and actually feeling ok about it. She is probably the only Democrat I could vote for. I don't like anyone else because I don't think they are strong or focused enough for the office. She couldn't be nearly as bad as Bush.

I wonder if other women share the same change as I have? Have other women started off not trusting her or resisting her and then after the crap Bush has pulled on us feel a change of heart. I'd really like to know.


Cathy said...

Good one. My friend and I were discussing Hillary the other night. It's too late and my brain is too foggy to get into it tonight but I will be back cause, I do have an opinion on Hillary.

Forest Lady said...

It's sad to me that Bush was such a disappointing president that now we'd rather have anyone, even Hillary, over someone like him. But so true.

Amy said...

I'm not a Republican but I never had any feelings one way or another toward Hilary. Except I did feel bad for her during the whole Clinton-Lewinsky thing, when she went on tv with the vast right wing conspiracy. She is too smart to have done that knowing that he had the affair. I think she really believed him, which maybe is stupid on her part but I guess shows she is juman - wanting to believe that her husband was doing the right thing.

I would probably vote for her, because I am not a fan of the Republicans they are floating as possible nominees. I think though, regardless of whether you agree with her, she is one smart woman, and if I'm not going to agree with somebody I at least want to know they are smart and there is thought behind their decisions, regardless of what they are. Unlike Bush who I honestly think is a complete imbecile. "I don't read the news, I have people who read it and then filter out what I don't need to hear." Yes, good to know our president is basing his decisions on other people's interpretations of events. Idiot!

A Girl From Texas said...

I think she is smart, too. AND, I also think that if she can tap into what women liked about Bush from the start adopt it, she can carry a lot of the women's vote.

And as far as Rove's comment that she is brittle, I think that Bush's bullheaded "my way or the highway" mentality is far worse.

A Girl From Texas said...

One more thing.

I think that the Republicans need her to reveal her hand so that they know who's shoulder they need to tap onto within their own ranks.

Not just anyone can run against her. They have to have the right line up. The longer it takes for her to make her announcement the less time it gives them to groom the right candidate.

eaf said...

I want a woman to step up so badly, but I really don't want it to be Hillary. Oddly, my reasons are kind of shallow I guess. Her husband was President, but that doesn't really qualify her. And I would hate for the first woman to land in the White House to have also been a first lady. I don't know... it sort of sends a weak message in some ways.

Naturally, I don't have a better idea, however. *sigh*

doggybloggy said...

dubyas dad was pres and that obviously didn't qualify him...the worthless "birthright" shiftless guy he turned out to be

eaf said...

Exactly, doggybloggy. Well put.