Sunday, February 12, 2006

Return to Sender and other stuff

Ok, guys, I have a question. I hate shredding the crap that I get in the mail. You know, the credit card invitations that are unsolicited. Yes, I've been stuffing the prepaid envelopes and mailing them back but I'm getting tired of doing that.

So, I'm wondering, if I write "return to sender" will that actually send the crap back to the companies? Or, since they are mailed out as bulk mail, will it just end up in some bin at the post office? In other words, does the bulk mail postage pay for return to sender?

Next, did anyone watch Extreme Home Makeover tonight? Who's the Tom Cruise look-alike guy? Does he look like Tom Cruise to ya'll or is it just me?

I'm starting maid service this week. I'm so happy about doing this, I've needed it for some time. Maybe when I start making lots of money, I can hire a personal assistant! I really need one. So, I've spent the day cleaning and organizing my apartment. Isn't that funny? I'm cleaning my apartment for the maid. Ha! that's funny.

Peace out.


Forest Lady said...

I clean before my maid comes every single week, well just picking up and organizing really. But it's nice when it's all done.
I think bulk mail that is refused is disposed of and not returned, but I could be wrong. I hate that stuff too!

eaf said...

I watched EHMO and I think he's the newest member of the team. They introduced him several weeks ago, but then he wasn't on for a while.

I had a maid service and have had to discontinue as we work to pay off debt and keep squeezing out tax credits. I can't wait until we're in a position to do it again. I never do as good a job as they do.

Cathy said...

Maid service? To think, I was feeling sorry for you and your newly acquired PMS!

I'd do the same, clean up before the maid came. Hope to get to do that one day. My mother always did it also. Used to confuse the hell out of me as a child. Seemed contradictory but, as an adult I fully understand. Can't have the maid come in on a dirty house!

A Girl From Texas said...

The big issue for me is my bird. I have an umbrella cockatoo. They give off a powder like dander that settles on everything and makes my place look dusty. I can't stay on top of it.

So, I'm thinking that if I have help, I can keep my place clean all the time and I'll be more motivated to continue with my projects. My quilt is on hold until March.

Cathy said...

At least you have a bird you can blame the dust on. Around here, we have nothing to blame but laziness.

I see you got sitemeter up and running. Any strange hits on your blog yet?

A Girl From Texas said...

Someone from France, Toulouse, visited my site. And I think Portugal as well. That's about it.

~Krystyn~ said...

I SO need a maid too...we had a cleaning lady when I was growing up and my mom always said "clean up, the cleaning lady is coming today" that sounds funny!!