Sunday, May 11, 2008

The rains a comin'

Every year I look forward to the same things. I don't begin my years with January, I begin them with October. October to me represents a new beginning because that was when the school year began. Well, technically it began in August. But the school years always began in Fall and October, to me, is a true fall month. I'm sure in some states September feels like fall but not here.

So when October comes around I begin to look forward to coming events. First, daylight savings time! We get to fall back an hour. I love that.

And then there's Thanksgiving, my absolute favorite day of the whole year. I will never spend Thanksgiving alone. I don't care where I have to be or who it's with, I will spend this day with people. Preferably people I like. I see this as a very low key sort of holiday. There is no pressure to exchange gifts and yet it is about reflecting on our good fortune and sharing with others around us. It's just a really really great holiday. And I even love to hear the football in the background on this day.

After Thanksgiving, comes Christmas. Christmas is not that big to me HOWEVER, flying to spend it with my sister (a.k.a. Sunwolfie) IS A BIG DEAL. This is becoming our thing. I fly up there for a week and we don't do anything but needlework and watch movies. Her husband, H, is so funny because every now and than he'll pop in and ask "Are you guys going to go out and do anything?"....

So when I get back home I begin looking forward to the Super Bowl party and begin hunting one down. I know a couple since 1993 and I have attended almost every single super bowl party they've hosted. I think I missed one or maybe 2. Not sure. They have the best parties. They actually hire people to help with their parties.

So after the Superbowl, that's about it for a few months.

Then as May and June approach I begin to look forward to the thunderstorms! I love them. June is my favorite because we get a storm every day for about an hour. It usually arrives by about 2:00. In my office now, I can't see cloud formation. I just know it's coming. And of course, I become obsessed with Accuweather and their Hurricane section.

Early early this morning, we had a thunderstorm roll in. Lightning everywhere. Little pellets of hell clicking against the window. Me warm and cozy and dry under the covers. I love summer showers.

Then at some point in July the rain sort of tapers down and in August I'm ready for the hot weather to pass and move on to Fall and the new season line up on ABC.


Timmy said...

That's an interesting take on the calendar.

The storm yesterday morning had me a bit frightened mainly because I couldn't find Calvin. He was sound asleep and finally agreed to jump on the bed and hide under the covers with me. That lasted all of a minute and then he was on his way again.

SunWolf said...

This is so funny! I wrote an entry about the rain, too, before I even saw yours. It's been raining steadily here for over 24 hours. My neighbor's basement has a foot of water in it! Ours is fine. I love rain.

But I can't wait until you go to Scotland with us for the elusive offspring's graduation! You will love the rain there!