Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Update on Company Image - For Timmy :)

Ok, so where are we now on our logo design and stuff.

The logo has been selected and the colors have been tweaked. I'm happy with the result :) The next step was to select the stationary which I thought was going to be easy 'till I walked in and saw the choices printed out. Then I had to have 2 sets of sample business cards created to pass around for feedback. I knew which one I wanted but I needed reinforcement.

My signs are printed. I love they way they look. I have a magnet for my car but I'm not using it 'till the website is up but I may change my mind and go ahead and start using it.

Ok, so now they are working on the website. There was some confusion regarding text. I thought they understood that I was hiring them to include the text; you know, tell my story. They thought I had the text. So, they are graciously helping me with the text. I am assuming some text but I need them to tell my story.

Yesterday they sent me sample tag lines. I think I had about 12 or so to choose from. The obvious one sort of just jumped out at me. I love it. So, I've selected the tag line.

Next week, my agents are going to meet and discuss marketing strategies for them and for the company. I'm very excited about this. I want to see my agents grow and succeed.

I am very pleased with the design for my business cards. I am excited now about doing some very simple things like sending cards to people that I meet. For example I went to a network meeting today and met a woman before taking my seat. After we all took our seats, she was presented an award for being an outstanding member of the group. As soon as I got back to my office, I sent her a really nice card telling her it was nice meeting her and congratulating her for her award; and I included my business card, in case she forgot who I was. Before having my company design, I didn't do that as much. Now, I want to find every excuse possible to give them out.

I'm very proud and excited about my business.

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SunWolf said...

Me, too! I'm very proud of your business and excited for you. Congratulations on moving it up a notch.