Sunday, May 18, 2008

Strange Dream

Ok, I have to share this dream, it was so bizarre and funny and complete. It's one of those dreams that have a beginning and an end.

I dreamed that I lived in a 1 bedroom loft type apartment that was adjacent to Wortham Center, where the Houston Grand Opera lives. In my dream, the apartment actually shared the same hall which allowed free access to the opera. Though, it was not commonplace for anyone to sneak in and watch the opera.

However, I do believe that since I lived in the building and perhaps because I paid to be living in the building that it gave me some free license to do as I wished.

So, on this particular night an opera was playing. I don't know which one or what it was about and I decided that I just wanted to pop in and see some of it. I could hear it through my walls but I wanted to see what they looked like.

So, I pop in to watch it while wearing my pajamas. Now my pajamas were a button down top and pants and were a orange/pink floral print. Very pajama like. So, I go into the theater and I walk about 1/3 of the way down the isle and stand there and watch for about 5 or 10 minutes and then I leave the theater.

Then after a little while, I come back and do it again. And then the third time I do it, intermission starts. Now, on this third time, I'm not wearing the pajama bottoms, just the top. So, intermission starts and I'm standing with this oversized floral pajama top and my underwear.

As, I turn to leave, this woman sitting in one of the seats flags me over to talk to her. She is wearing a hat with a feather and a jacket with a fur collar. She is agitated and she tells me that her husband, Mr. Haselkof, the composor of this opera is livid at me and is at that moment calling security. In my mind, I'm thinking, oh, she is mistaking me for some homeless person wandering into the opera to sneak a peek. She doesn't understand that I actually live here. But I chat with her for a minute and explain that I'll get everything straightened out; then I proceed to exit back into the hallway where I see a security guard standing there waiting motioning for me to approach him.

I waive at the Security Guard and proceed to explain that I live in the building. Then approaches Mr. Haselkof who is clearly very agitated and wants me arrested for my behavior. He is convinced that I am some degenerate. So, I try to explain that I live in the building and that I appreciate opera but he's not listening.

I also apologize profusely for my bad judgement. And I promise that he will not see me the rest of the evening or ever again. I acknowledged that my behavior was in bad form and that it wouldn't happen again.

So he keeps telling the security guard to arrest me that I do not have the caliber to be in this theater. But the security guard sees it differently and tells him that he thinks I do appreciate the opera and the music. I pipe in that I actually was taking violin lessons just a couple of years ago. I mention that I was just visiting with his wife and had a lovely little chat with her.

Finally, Mr. Haselkof calms down and softens up. He agrees that I do love the opera and I do appreciate music and that I am not some wandering homeless person sneaking into the theater as a break from the streets. Realizing his error in judging my character he gives me a very sweet hug. I say good night and head back to my room.

And on my way back to my room, as I'm walking down the hall, I keep thinking, what if I went back one more time. Which I didn't do.


SunWolf said...

I think that dream indicates a desire to live dangerously!


Timmy said...

LOL OMG and I thought my dreams were complicated. :-)

A Girl From Texas said...

I should post the one I had about my mother and the tricycle.....