Sunday, June 15, 2008

Picking up the pace

Throughout most of last week and the week before I've managed to do about 30 minutes of workout a day. And I've been watching my food intake. I don't like scales, so I don't use them. I know that certain exercises build muscle and that it weighs more than fat which in turns affects the reading one gets from a scale. Scales just discourage me so I don't keep them in my home.

I just go by the way I feel and how my clothes fit me. That tells me if I'm making progress. Which, I believe I am indeed doing. It's amazing what core exercises do for you.

So, today, I walked the loop at Memorial Park. That's an hour workout. If I can bump my workout to an hour for the remainder of this week, I think I'll be in the shape I want to be for this trip. I won't have a bikini body but I'll be satisfied with what I do have.

It's tough being petite because every pound shows.

I've been pretty consistent about the water intake. I consume a lot; on average close to 64 oz. a day give or take. This week, I'm going to nibble or graze as my sister calls it. I want to get into that habit anyway but it's not so easy to do. I struggle finding good grazing food.

I'm really looking forward to the trip and I hope to continue with the exercising beyond it. I think I will. If I continue to set goals for myself I'll keep telling myself I want to look great each time I reach a goal. So, that will motivate me to continue to work out and eat healthy between milestones.

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Timmy said...

I don't have a scale in my home. On occasion I will use the one at the gym.

A few years ago I was obsessed with the scale and when it would go up by a pound it would freak me out. That's not good behavior.