Friday, June 13, 2008

Pinstripes pitching to THE Pinstripes

This weekend the Yankees are playing the Astros in our Minute Maid Park for the first time since the stadium opened in 2001. It was a celebrated occasion.

Interestingly, the Yankees did not wear their famous pinstripes but instead wore their grey uniforms and the Astros wore their pinstripes. I thought that was rather interesting.

It seems that our stadium had as many Yankee fans as it did Astros fans so there was simultaneous cheering and booing throughout the game. Whenever a chant for the Astros would begin, the Yankee fans would try to out-chant us. It reminded me of the scene in Casa Blanca when the German and French were singing their relative anthems, each trying to rise above the other.

We lost but we didn't just give it to them. They won by one point; Jeter got lucky. :)

All in all it was a very good game and I enjoyed the edge that the Yankee fans brought. We are generally a very polite audience and rarely boo. Up to this point, we only booed Pujols (one of my favorite players) but we actually booed both Jeter and Rodriguez. And the Yankees booed us a lot.

I enjoyed the spice. And I really enjoyed how enthusiastic we were at welcoming the Yankees and their fans to our stadium.


Barrie said...

Thanks for visiting. I think you should always add in your middle name to avoid the 13-letter thing. No need to eat worms! :) I've been browsing your posts.
Very fun. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I think wherever you go, there are always Yankee fans. It seems like most everybody, or somebody in their family, started out in NY. I guess that makes sense, with Ellis Island and all. Like me, my parents grew up there, so I loved the Yankees. We used to go to the Yankees-A's games growing up, and there were plenty of Yankee fans. I finally went to Yankee Stadium last year, and it was awesome to be in the majority. I always have a teensy bit of fear that I will get beat up by boisterous Yankee haters!

A Girl From Texas said...

It was only for a few days, so we were tolerant. :)

But they really did add spice to the event and made it a lot of fun.

I don't particularly like booing players. But in the spirit of the occasion, I did participate in booing Rodriguez and Jeter.

But still, I won't boo Pujols. He's just too awesome.