Thursday, June 05, 2008

What now?

A lot of people forget many of the events during Bill Clinton's presidency. Something significant for me is that during his second term I really began to like him and accept him. Then, Kenneth Starr, lacking anything to stick on the President settled for a "sex" scandal. Most of you remember that.

But what many of you may not remember are some of the subtle details that surfaced. At first, like many Americans, I thought it was none of my business. But, Clinton stepped up to the plate and made his defense; valiantly he declared he didn't have sex with that woman. And then he had the trial where he asked the famous question, "what is 'is'".

Then America was angry because he lied to us.

But when this happened, as angry as we were, it wasn't up to us really to forgive him. It wasn't really our place to forgive. We waited for Hillary to let us know if it was ok to forgive her husband and move on.

N.O.W. had recanted all of their support for the President and the fallout from the rest of the U.S. was pretty strong. In hindsight, I don't think America was that aghast he had an affair, I think they were aghast at how irreverent he was towards his Presidency based on the testimony of Monica Lewinsky. I know for myself, he pretty much rendered himself ineffective because this affair gave too many of his enemies power over him. It was so much easier to manipulate him while the affair was not made public.

I'm wandering off point.

After the scandal was revealed and everyone was distancing themselves from him, America waited to see what Hillary would do. I can imagine the phone calls she received. I'm sure one of them was from the head of the DNC. I would guess that the conversation went something like this:

Hillary: I have been publicly humiliated and you want me to publicly stand beside him and give America permission to forgive him? Why should I?

DNC: stuttering...making weak pleading statements about the good of the party and of everything else.

Hillary: You want me to fix this? Then you owe me; I want to run for President and I want your support. In exchange, I'll get N.O.W. to reinstate their support and I'll give America permission to forgive him.

And so, that, in my opinion, is the deal, in very simplet terms, that Hillary made with the DNC back in 1999 to help them recover from Clinton's philandering.

Ok, so fast forward to today. DNC owes her. No doubt about it. And she is one smart woman and a power house in the Party. I do not believe that she should bow out of this race without some sort of plan. That "why should I?" conversation is probably taking place again. I'm really very interested in the outcome.

She stepped up and delivered to the DNC what they requested back in 1999, now they have something they need to deliver to her in return. What's it going to be?


doggybloggy said...

all this may be what transpired but she does need to leave and since gracefully is now out of the question she needs to just back out quietly, the dnc does not nominate, voters do.

A Girl From Texas said...

I'm sure she is going to bow out gracefully, as soon as the DNC gives her what she wants. I'm not sure what that is exactly.

That's how politics works. I do for you, you do for me.

I'm very curious how this whole thing is going to pan out.

Anonymous said...

She isn't owed anything, I don't think, although she'll probably get something. If Obama doesn't want her in his cabinet, he shouldn't have to have her. She lost, that's it.

Timmy said...

I have quite a bit to say but I'm not going to use your blog as a forum for my pro-Clinton thoughts. :-) It would ignite a firestorm.

SunWolf said...

After Clinton's incredibly gracious consession speech today, she has reclaimed my respect. I originally supported her, then found her campaign tactics disturbingly Karl Rove, and I decided I really liked Obama's calm professionalism. He and Clinton had basically the same platform, with a few variations that really make no difference. However, whether it was to be Clinton or Obama, I am voting Democratic. I believe that Clinton's quick and thorough support for Obama came from the secret meeting she had with him at Nancy Pelosi's house...I don't know what she is getting, but I think she is happy with it. I, for one, think she would be great on the Supreme Court. She is smart and capable. I believe she would be a good SCt justice. However, I don't think that's what will happen.

I believe she needs to be given something big. She has a huge following (just as Obama has a huge following), and they now need to unite. She is not one to be trifled with, but she needs to bring this party back together. And I believe she is the one to do so.

The hub says it's going to be the universal national health issue...something she was never allowed to complete during Bill's first term.

OK, so you got more than I originally intended to say...

A Girl From Texas said...

Fly away little birdie (sunwolf)... I know you're on that big jet airoplane heading for the land of thistle....