Monday, June 09, 2008

Update on stuff, again

Ok, so here's a quick update on the goings on of my life.

Timmy asked how the deal ended. The deal ended successfully. The documents that were provided on Saturday sealed the deal. The guy that got the condo got a really sweet deal. You don't come across properties that are about to go into foreclosure that are in move-in condition.

Things are coming along nicely on the marketing front. My website is slowly coming along; I'll be so happy when it is complete.

I'm hosting a celebration of "friends, clients and associates" at Dharma Cafe next month for my business. Since I already had a launch party under my old image, I didn't want to call this a launch party. I thought of calling it a re-launch event except that wouldn't make sense to my agents' invitees.

I hope to have at least 50 people in attendance. We'll see. Invitations go out in a week or so. I have to start setting up new goals for myself. I'm back sliding.

Here's another video from the mime I like so much. His name is David Armand but his stage name if Johann Lipowitz. I really like the song on this one, too.

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