Friday, November 04, 2005

Katie Holmes is no dummy

So, Katie Holmes makes her play. Queen to D4 and Tom's bishop is in check.

Apparently, Katie is requesting that T.C. sign a prenup ensuring her of several million dollars in the event their marriage does not last 5 years. What a smart, smart girl.

She knows this is a whirlwind affair. She has given up several movie deals for him thus taking herself out of the "work force". She also knows that at some point along the way she may not want to be a scientologist and then Tom would be forced to make a choice. If history means anything, Scientology would most likely win the battle. I think that T.C. genuinely believes that he cannot be who he is without Scientology.

I am so impressed by her decision because it tells me that she is very strong and in control. I'm not so worried about Katie Holmes anymore. She is taking good care of herself and her baby.

Kudos Katie!


~Krystyn~ said...

Well I think that's the ONLY smart thing she has done in the past 8 months. I just can't stand the two of them together - ew.

Freebird said...

Wow, I hadn't read that anywhere! Good for her. That little girl's not as naive as we thought.

Cathy said...

She is either smart or has herself some smart lawyers. Whichever, at least she will be protected cause, based on his past relationships this one will go down the toilet also.

How cool would it be to meet a man that you could demand a pernup from that would mean getting millions if the relationship didn't last five years? As soon as the ink dried on the paper I'd become an irritant to him. LOL!! It wouldn't be long and he would be kicking me to the and all that money.