Sunday, November 27, 2005

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

I put my tree up this evening. I love my christmas tree.

I don't put it up every year. Last year I wasn't in the mood, but this year, obviously I am. I won't be spending Christmas here, actually. But I want the festivity that the tree brings.

Anyway, every year I pull out my decorations I relive the memories of the ornaments. Some of them I made myself or I bought at different times. I bought my initial ornaments and original lights the year my father died. I chose a blue and silver theme and I've built on it since.

I have collected quite a few oranments over time but I want to get some more. And bows, I love bows and I have those scattered about as well. But I want more bows. I don't think I can have too many of those.

Ok, I'm tired and ready to sleep. Maybe I'll sleep under my tree..... :)


Freebird said...

This year I told myself I wasn't going to put up my tree. I just wasn't in the mood for several reasons. Nathan announced one morning that he was going to put it up. I'm normally very gun-ho about Christmas and not sure if he sensed my lack of enthusiasm or what. Anyway, he set it up all by himself and started to decorate it until he got bored and walked away ... so I'm sitting here staring at my practically bare-looking tree with not much desire to do anything about it right now.

Blue & silver sounds really nice. My tree is decorated in pink Victorian themed ornaments.

A Girl From Texas said...

Pink Victorian ornaments! How beautiful!

Yeah, you have to be in the mood for it. Last year I cleared a space for it, but never pulled the tree and decorations out of the closet.

I did put my French Santa out, though. My sister bought it for me a few years ago, he's beautiful in a blue velvet cloak with fur trim. Matches my tree and everything.