Thursday, November 03, 2005

Kudos to me

I don't know if you have ever noticed the characteristics of a violin but they don't have frets like guitars. However, like guitars, there are specific points along the strings that when the finger presses down and the bow is slid across the string a pure note is heard. So, how does one learn to play these notes? Well, my violin teacher put thin strips of tape in place of where "frets" would be on my violin. I have a smiley face indicating where the next position is but that's another complicated story.

So, I started my violin lessons in 2002 and stopped in 2003. Then I resumed this year. So, I have had these tapes on my violin since I've started my lessons.

My lessons are on Thursday and as is customary, I race home after work, gather my instrument and music and head out the door. Well today, when I went to grab my violin, one of the strings was broken. Either my cockatoo went over to the violin, which I keep propped against the music stand when not in use, and unscrewed the base where the string is connected (yes, anyone who has ever had a cockatoo would know that is extremely feasible), OR my cats caused the thing to unscrew by rubbing their faces against it. Now, based on what I found in the litter box this morning, I do believe that once the string was broken, they did toy with the strings.

But I digress. So, I went forward with my violin lesson even though I knew I had no violin to play with. Usually I get there early so that I can practice in an empty room prior to my lesson. Well, Roby handed me his violin to practice with and guess what? His violin doesn't have tape on it. That's right. I had to practice without the tape and guess what I discovered?

You guessed it.... I don't need no stinking tape anymore.


Freebird said...

YAY!! :-)

A Girl From Texas said...

Thanks! I'm pretty psyched about it. Now I have to get my violin fixed. He had been trying to get me to take the tape off for a long time.

Cathy said...

Isn't it cool when you accidently learn that you are not dependent on something any longer? Like Nora said, "Yay," for you.

A Girl From Texas said...

yes, it was as serindipitous (sp?) occasion.