Friday, November 04, 2005

What do the Cards Say?

In reference to a previous post (Photographs & Memories) regarding my coming across a letter that was written to me by a man in my past, Freebird suggested that I consult the cards prior to contacting him. I liked her idea, a lot.

Initially, I was going to do several readings over the next few weeks and see if there was a consistent message. Mostly because I feel like I'm such a novice I won't get the message right. So now that I really feel like the reading I just did is so clear, I might not feel the need to do several readings.

I'll share my reading with you.

I only selected 3 cards: 1- past, 2- present, 3- future. I basically decided that I would move forward and contact him in a Christmas card and that I simply wanted the cards to tell me what they had to say.

Here are the results.

First card: 2 of cups. This card is of 2 women facing one another; one blonde one brunettish. I immediately know what this card is telling me. It's my relationship her. She was the conflict and she's in my past. It's over, I've ended it, she's not coming back. I swear, these cards blow me away sometimes.

Second card: The World. Wow. This card is basically telling me I know so much more than I did then. I've come "full circle" and in effect I genuinely feel like the card is saying, yes go forward. If I heed to the warning side, it is also telling me not to be over confident. I see it as a green light for sure.

Third card: King of Wands. This card is very interesting!

First I see him in this card for sure. He's a man in my future, but I'm not sold that he is "the man" in my future. I would be very very satisfied if the result of reconnecting is that we are just friends. SO, I'm not going to jump to the conclusion that he is my soul mate, though at the time I met him I was convinced he was "the one" for me.

Secondly, the message I'm getting from this card is don't put all your eggs in one basket. Don't get so focused and determined about this that I close myself off from other possibilities.

and Finally, in almost all of my readings, beginning with my very first one 11 years ago, I draw the Queen of Wands. I am so much the Queen of Wands which really intrigues me that as I ask the cards for direction in this endeavor, my future card is indeed the King of Wands.

So there you have it. I interpret this reading as a very positive one.


Freebird said...

There you go, the cards - they don't lie. Now all you have to do is find just the right Christmas card or do you already have it addressed and stamped? ;-)

A Girl From Texas said...

Ha ha, Nora. You are so cute. Not yet. I'm thinking about what I want to say and how I want to say it. I saw some cute cards at 1/2 price books and I need to go back and get them.

I'll have to concentrate and think of a date I want to send it.

I think it's cool how the 2 of cups came up as my past. And then the world. If you re-read my post for Photographs and Memories, it's exactly what I said. She's in my past AND I've come so far since 8 years ago. The cards seem to agree with that statement.

I'll keep you posted. :) (no pun intended)

Freebird said...

Just thought of something, what if he thinks his card is just a standard (one of the many) cards you send at Christmastime. I don't know about you, but I have a list of people I always send cards out to, but I guess if you haven't contacted him in a while he'll get the hint OR you could just send him a an "extra special" X-mas card. Like one of you in a Santas hat -- and nothing else!! lol! I'm soo bad! :-P

Cathy said...

I'm with Nora, this can't be your average, every day Xmas card. I'm sure that a photo with nothing but a Santa hat would get his attention. Leave it to Nora to come up with the obvious and the naughty!

I've got something going on that I've been trying to come up with answers for. Think I'll go do a reading myself. Thanks for the idea!

A Girl From Texas said...

Ya'll are funny. Nah, it's going to be a simple, was thinking of you, contact me if you'ld like to hook up for coffee and I'm leaving the ball in his court.

I suffered a lot of pain with this guy. It was a Cluster F$#k; so complicated. He may decide that 8 years isn't long enough and he doesn't want to go there again. Hell, he may even be married, though I doubt it.