Monday, January 02, 2006

Another one of my favorite things

Every now and then I discover something simple I love doing and I have to post about it. I just now discovered a favorite thing I've been finding myself doing lately.

I love opening up Cathy's blog and letting the music run in the background while I scroll through blogs in another window. I find I start with hers, let the music roll and then visit everyone else. Sometimes I just hang for a while and surf the net. The thought of downloading a music link on my own blog has occurred to me but I like going to her blog and hanging out.

Maybe I like the mix or maybe it's sort of like hanging out with someone who's in another room. I may eventually link music to mine but for now I'll hang out at her place.


Freebird said...

I enjoy her music too. It's great.

Forest Lady said...

Hi Girl From Texas, You asked for more info about the "mountain dulcimer." I began playing a year ago, and like you, I had never heard of it until my local high school offered night classes in the dulcimer. If you want to hear one, go to www.mcspaddendulcimers and click on "Listen to Dulcimers". They have a sweet haunting sound that draws you in. They are simple to play. You don't have to read music! The music we have is called tab and it's a "play by number" system with the numbers corresponding to the frets, one, two, etc. Also check out for more info.

A Girl From Texas said...

Interesting, I use numbers to learn violin too..... I'll check out the sites.

Cathy said...

I do the same thing on my blog. I'll open it up and minimize it and then do my thing on the internet while listening to the music. I've even had it up while painting. It's nice to know that I might have company in there with me at times. I'm glad you enjoy it.