Monday, January 16, 2006


That's been me lately. This has been a crazy busy week.

My close friend, John DeMers, wrote a musical Deep in the Heart. Every time he made headway with the script he would e-mail it to me. Whenever he wrote new songs, he would invite me to dinner and practice them on me. I watched this thing develop from the very beginning and finally, it was performed at The Hobby Center. I had always told him that I would be on the first row right in the center on opening night. And so I was. I'm so proud of him. Oh, and he needed to borrow my futon as a prop. It had a bit part in the musical. My sweet little futon, who knew?

My dinner with Naomi was nice. We visited for a long while. I think she's sincere, we'll see. I don't know why I was shut from the whole group and I probably will never know. She wants to hook up again and bounce a few things off of me. While there, she pulled out her Franklin Covey planner and I commented that I needed to get myself one. She gave me her old one: a beautiful burgandy suede binder. I love it and already I am feeling a difference in my organizational skills. I've done other things in conjunction but overall, I have a lot of control over all the details required for my work.

I spent Sunday brunch with my brunch group at Dharma Cafe. If you live in Houston or plan on visiting soon, I highly recommend this restaurant. It's a tiny cozy place with a great atmosphere. I am the only straight person in the group but I really enjoy spending time with these friends.

Then after brunch, I slept the rest of the day. I got up at about 6:00 and then went back to bed at 10:00. I took a tylenol P.M. and woke up again at 8:00. Sunday was the first day off I've had in about 20 days. I really really needed that sleep.

Ok, so that's about the highlight of my week.


Freebird said...

That must have been great to have been able to see that musical from beginning to end, and your futon got a bit part too. Did it sing? Did it dance? :-P

20 days straight, that's insane. No wonder you slept all day!

I hope Naomi's sincere too, but if not, hey, you got a great little Franklin out of it right? Heehee

A Girl From Texas said...

The evil Trent threw sweet innocent Julie onto my futon; then he pinned her down and told her that her prince charming would never come through for her.....

Trent was a "cowboy" jerk in the musical, but he pulled off a very likeable character. I met him this afternoon and he is so totally different from the character he played and he is so totally sexy but unfortunately has no interest in women. :(

Cathy said...

Oh, I do love a cowboy, even a jerk of a cowboy. Would really love for one to pin me down on a futon!! How naughty of me. I wonder, do only sweet, innocent girls get pinned to futons?

If he ever becomes famous you can auction off your futon on ebay for big bucks. Be sure to hold onto it!

A Girl From Texas said...

I had to help John move some of the furniture back to storage and yes, I did get my futon back.

Lucky me, the guy who played the cowboy was helping us. He is such a cuty and unfortunately, does not take a liking to women. *sigh*

But what an awesome actor because he played that role perfectly and it was the opposite of himself. Actually, he stole the show and he was not the main character.