Saturday, January 21, 2006

Carrie Underwood

I have a colleague at the office who loves American Idol. During the first two seasons, I never watched a single episode. Last year, I had a neighber that was working on the Fox crew while they were taping auditions in New Orleans. When she came back she kept saying, "watch for Leroy".

So, between her cue and my colleague's passion for the show, I decided to give the program a whirl. During the first few weeks the program aired, I watched. I got sort of bored with the auditions so I stopped. Then, I started again after they had whittled down the contestants to just 10. I never voted, I just watched but I watched every episode after this.

I loved Bo Bice. Every time I would leave the office on days that Idol would air, I would say, "Ok Guys, I'm going home for my weekly dose of Bo". He was my guy. I also loved Baby V (Vonzell Solomon) and Carrie but just not as much as Bo. When it came down to just the three of them, I was torn between Carrie and Vonzell. Still, I wasn't voting, I just watching.

So then it's the last episode, it's down to just Bo and Carrie and I'm still cheering for Bo.

Carrie gets up there and sings her very last song "Angels Brought Me Here". While she throws every last effort into this song, every hair on my arm stands on end. I am so moved. I can't even recall if Bo got a chance to sing after that or not but her song and my reaction was all I could remember. I voted for Carrie that night. I voted for her 3 times! Bo Bice? Who the hell was Bo Bice?

I have been waiting and waiting for her to produce a single. And now she has finally released "Jesus Take the Wheel". I think the title is cheesy but I absolutely love the song. I think she is wonderful. I still like Bo a lot but Carrie made her way past him and I'm so proud of how she has turned out.

She was worth all three votes.


Freebird said...

I haven't kept up with it at all. The only time I did was when Kelly Clarkson was on and look at her now, she's a big star. I could be wrong, but I think she may be the only one who's really benefited from this show.

A Girl From Texas said...

Clay Aiken I think came from American Idol. He actually dropped out of the competition and his attorney helped him out of his contract with Fox. Bo already has a couple of CD's released but I don't listen to the stations his music is played on so I don't know how he sounds. I want to buy one, though. I don't know about Fantasia. Carrie Underwood so far has a really good start in the C & W arena.

eaf said...

Clay is from my area, as is Fantasia (Raleigh and High Point respectively). He even sang the National Anthem at a hockey game before he entered the competition.

And what do you mean he dropped out of the competition? I think you may have him confused with someone else... or you may be referring to something that happened AFTER the competition. He came in second, behind what's-his-name... Ruben. Clay is a hometown hero around here. You can't go anywhere without running into his fans. But Kelly certainly has done better in record sales and hits, I have to say.

Personally, I only watched the show twice... the show before Ruben won and the show in which he won. If you live here, you sort of had to watch. Otherwise you had nothing to talk about at work the next day.

Cathy said...

I usually watch the show during the audtions, where they come city to city. It can be hilarious! Then I will let it go until it's further into the season.

From what I understand they sign contracts with Fox that leaves Fox nearly owning them and their music for five years after the show is over. It is the first and second runner ups that do this. Clay didn't like the kind of control they wanted so was able to get out of the contract. I think it cost him some big bucks but I can't say that I blame him. I love his voice and his character. He seems like a fine young man.

As for Carrie and Jesus Take the Wheel, well, it's a phenominal song. I relate to it so much and can't tell you how many times over the last several years I have thrown my hands up and asked Jesus to take over. I get chill bumps when I hear it, it hits so close to home for me.

A Girl From Texas said...

Eaf, I misunderstood Clay's participation with Am. Idol. I guess I thought he dropped because he got out of his contract. Mario Vasquez dropped out and he was one of the final 12 I think. I believe he was doing this to be able to go out on his own. Don't know if it worked, though.

Cathy, I like her song and I can't wait for the next one to be released.