Monday, August 04, 2008

I caved

Well, I didn't really cave, there is a very good explanation.

Remember way back when I broke the coaxial cable thingy off the back of my tv, so I couldn't use my antenna. I lasted until now. Today, I have Direct TV. The first time in 20 years that I've had "cable" tv.

Ok, so why? Couple of reasons. Number one, I paid off my car. That frees up some monthly cash. Number two, I'm trying to cut back on spending money going out. I can't cut back on driving but I can cut back on other things; so I'm making it easier and more entertaining to stay home.

I even stocked my apartment up with wine. The cost of a decent glass of wine at La Griglia will buy me a bottle of another at Spec's.

So, tonight, I'm watching Independence Day while I'm waiting for Edouard to arrive. I've been receiveing e-mails all day from various people telling me that our appointments tomorrow have to be cancelled. You know what that means!? That means, I get to sleep in.!!!! I hope I don't lose too much power tomorrow. My street has a tendency to flood, too. Wouldn't it suck if my car floods the very month I pay it off? That would be some real irony!

Ok, gang, stay dry. Stay safe. Be of good cheer.

Over and out.



SunWolf said...

I hope you didn't lose power and were able to watch lots of good movies!

I got some new movies for my BD, so we will have many choices when you come for Christmas!

Can you believe that I'm already talking about your Christmas visit and it's four and a half months away?

Can't wait to see you!

A Girl From Texas said...

Jeez, what's WRONG with me? I forget your birthday every year. I forget everyone's birthday. It's because I'm a type 7 (enneagram) personality.

Happy B-Day.

When do you fly to LA?