Friday, August 29, 2008

WTF? - Sarah Palin for VP

Does McCain really think I'm that stupid?

I am so angered by this choice he made. I looked at Palin's credentials. A Bachelor's Degree in Journalism, a Beauty Contestant, Mayor of a small town and then Governor of Alaska. That's it. Is it that he has little respect for the role of Vice President that his standards for qualifying a candidate don't really matter? Is the role of VP so unimportant in our country? They don't expect her to have any real impact in Washington, do they?

As much as I dislike Bush, he at least had no trouble surrounding himself with very intelligent people. He assigned a very capable, seasoned, and experienced woman to be Secretary of State. She came with an impressive resume. Even the Houston Chronicle wrote a piece on her back in 2000 titled "Condoleezza Rice for President". No one in this country could question her credentials. They were spotless.

If McCain truly wants me to think he's demonstrating a belief that it is time to put a Woman on the ticket, then I would be far more convinced he believed this himself if he put someone on there with experience. Someone who can actually be President if it came to that.

Do you really think that if McCain passes away in office that this girl can step into the role of President of the US? I don't believe so, and they know that; if it comes to that they will pressure her to step aside and let a "man" handle the job. I wouldn't be surprised if they already had that discussion with her. They brought a young, green, female in because they know she can be "managed".

Hillary Clinton wasn't just a pair of boobs running for office. She was very well qualified and capable of actually stepping into the role of President of the U.S. She graduated with a degree in Law from Yale. She worked her way up the ranks and successfully faced the Rove smear machine. And this is the Republican's response? Their nomination gives me the impression that as long as the VP nomination is a woman, then that will be enough to draw in the Clinton supporters. As though we supported Hillary just because she was a woman and we can't distinguish one woman from another.

This nomination is a slap in the face to women. Condoleezza Rice or Kay Bailey Hutchison, now that would have been a statement that McCain is serious about his nomination. It would have been a message that he was thinking long term and addressing the real possibility that he might pass away during his term and his female VP might actually have to become President of the U.S. But this VP pick, it smells like a political tactic meant only to help him win an election. This is a decision made for the now without any regard to the future of our country.

Obama said it when he said that McCain just doesn't get it.

I think that when all the hoopla is done about this nomination, the reality of his decision is going to kick in and it's going to cost him.

And I quote: "As for that VP talk all the time, I'll tell you, I still can't answer that question until somebody answers for me what is it exactly that the VP does every day?" Sara Palin


sepherim said...

What a relief. When I heard McCain was going to pick a woman for VP I was afraid it would be Condoleezza or Kay Bailey. But I shouldn't have worried. John is showing the same kind of judgement here that he has showed in the rest of the campaign. See my comments at

SunWolf said...

I felt the same way, GFT. I could not believe that he really thought that women are so stupid that they will vote for him just because he picked someone with a vagina. Forget the fact that she's anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, anti-human rights, anti-ANWAR (she's pro oil company), anti-feminine. I think McCain's choice will backfire on him. If the republicans were worried about experience, boy, they picked a good one!

Christine said...

I feel the same way. Although I will say that a law degree does not alone make one ready to lead a country. (As someone with one of her own.) Also, what a scary scary thing getting aligned with the very religious right. I watched the speech yesterday and frankly I was just scared.

A Girl From Texas said...

I think the reason I'm comfortable with the law degree is because it's Constitutional Law. That's important to me; and the fact that he graduated Magna Cum Laude speaks volumes regarding his ability to grasp concepts.