Saturday, August 30, 2008

More campaign observations - Sarah Palin

I've had a chance to cool down and determine what was really bothering me about this nomination. It's that nothing has changed. I don't just mean in the here and now but that McCain and the Republican party really do not get why they are in so much trouble.

I remember in '92 when Bush Sr. was at a debate with Perot and Clinton. Someone from the audience asked how each of them were effected personally by the economy. Bush couldn't even understand the question. I don't think he ever answered it. I recall how incredibly disconnected he was and how his elitist persona oozed out of him.

I remember that debate and I remember how frustrated I was. I was a loyal Republican and as frustrated as I was, I could not vote for a Democrat. That election, I voted for Perot. My hope at that point was that the Republicans would learn what they had done wrong. I hoped that the party would scratch it head, regroup and revisit it's policies and approach.

So, we've watched Bush for 8 years operate as "the decider". He decides what's best for me and my neighbors and if we don't like it, we're unpatriotic. Karl Rove gets into action and begins destroying lives. We don't have values or we're outside of the "circle". Basically we become invisible. I have lost count of the different groups this party has managed to alienate over the last 8 years.

So here we are with this choice that McCain makes for VP. How did this decision come about, really? Did he call women and get their input on this choice and how it might be perceived? Did he do his due diligence and make sure it was the right decision. Somehow, I don't think so. I think, being the typical "deciding" Republican who is above reproach, he just decided. And then, true to form, when he wakes up and wonders if he made a mistake, he'll just go into denial. Just like Bush. I think this is so typical of someone who doesn't connect with or even want to understand the very people whose votes he wants.

I'm bothered because it's just a reminder to me of what the last 8 years has been.

I absolutely cannot relate to Palin. If I had a 14 year old that was raped, I couldn't in good conscience force her to carry a baby to term if the outcome of this heinous crime was pregnancy. This woman is as "righteous" as Bush. And I believe she would plow over anyone who stood in the way of her moral platform. I also believe that neither she nor McCain is interested in the bigger picture. I would expect that she would have some sort of Masters Degree. If not a degree in Law, an MBA. Something to show that there is more to America than drilling for oil, protecting gun rights and reversing Roe v. Wade.

So, maybe what McCain means by her being a Maverick is that she'll ramrod her fundamental Right Wing agenda through the party and sniff out any existing Republicans that aren't completely towing the party line.

Then, there's the second description. She's also tagged as a "Game Changer". Is that a Republican term or a term derived from the Press. If it comes from the Republicans, then it highlights again that this is just a game that needs to be won. No matter how....another Rove-ism. The end justifies the means.

So, basically, this whole thing leaves me really depressed. And it underscores how imperative it is that Obama win this election.

I donated money to the Obama campaign immediately after his speech. I wonder how often are we allowed to donate?

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SunWolf said...

I was once a Republican, too. I became an independant when I realized that I was actually moderate. I voted for Clinton, because I believed in what he stood for...the promise of a balanced budget went a long way in getting my support...and he came through. One year after W got into office, I became a Democrat. I realized that the Republican party no longer represents me. It has changed and I have changed. I could not believe McCain chose this evangelical cretin for his running mate. I used to never say what party I belong to. Now I shout it to the world: I am a Democrat and proud to be one. I believe in individual rights, in conservation of the environment and finding renewable energy resources, in a balanced budget and a healthy economy, getting out of a war we do not belong in...I could go on and on. Suddenly, I find that I agree with everything the Democrats stand for at this moment in time.