Sunday, August 17, 2008


So, my sister called me today. I had just dried my hair when she called. I was getting ready to host an open house; I took the call anyway because I haven't spoken to her in soooo long. The blue tooth I had when I bought the phone doesn't work and I never had a chance to replace it. So, taking a call and doing other things is a bit tricky.

During the call, I put on my make up, shaved my legs, got dressed, drove to Kinkos, made 20 color copies of my flyer, 20 black and white photos of the Seller's Disc., drove to Home Depot, picked out 2 open house signs and checked out. During our conversation, we managed to discuss the Olympics, China, Communism, her cases at work, my work, her new eating habits, my eating habits, her and her husbands new spending habits, my spending habits, and my pending trip to see her at Christmas. She never even knew I was doing all that other stuff until I told her.

The open house was ok. I would have liked a better turn out.


Timmy said...

One of the jobs that I have had was being a remote employee and working from home when I wasn't traveling. Due to the size of the company and the multiple corporate offices (with different functions) we crossed four time zones.

There were some days that I would roll out of bed, brush my teeth and start working. I was never able to take a shower and be on a conference call but I pretty did everything else. Multi-tasking is a good thing. :-)

SunWolf said...

Just so long as you don't do a potty stop while talking to me, all is well!

And by the way, it was wonderful to talk to you. I miss you.