Sunday, August 10, 2008


I had a really nice day yesterday. I went sailing out of Galveston Bay and then later went to a Party in Seabrook. I made a connection with three different people in need of a Real Estate Agent, one of whom is ready to buy.

I have this really bad habit, though, of forgetting to replenish my business card holder. So, yes, I went to these events without my cards. I still managed to get their contact information. Still, I need to work on this.

The weather was hot and we had a nice wind. I hate doing anything in August. My favorite month for sailing is October.

Ok, well, I thought I had more to say but I guess I don't.


Timmy said...

Unsolicited advice: leave some cards in your car. :-)

A Girl From Texas said...

Thank you Timmy.... I will. I think I'll have 2 backups.

Timmy said...

Hey. I have a reply to your question but can't send it to you. The email address is no reply to blogger.

Send me your addy to: absolutrunnr77007 at yahoo dot com