Thursday, August 14, 2008

Sushi experience

I met a friend yesterday for lunch at a place called Aka Sushi. It was a nice enough place but I was surprised by how few people came in for lunch. We got there at 11:30 and I think we left at about 1:00. While we were there, only about 4 other people were there.

Usually, whenever I have sushi, I usually get the same thing. Almost every sushi restuarant offers a plate of about 5 or 6 sushi pieces with a California roll. And every place I go to, I always ask for a Philadelphia roll instead of a California roll. The restaurant always complies but adds $2 to my tab. Fine, no problem.

So, this meet up at Aka was my first time there. When I asked the waiter to substitute the Philadelphia roll, he said he had to ask if it was ok to substitute. So, about 5 minutes later the Manager comes to our table. I tell him I want a Philadelphia roll instead of California and that he can add $2 to my bill. He says they don't allow substitutions and that he will have to call into the General Manager to make sure it was ok. Can you believe that? He had to call the General Manager to see if it was ok to let me substitute a Philadelphia roll an pay extra $2?

Ra Sushi, Zaki Lounge, Toma Sushi, etc. always ok it without such an ordeal.

I could see where this was going and was preparing to draft a telegram to POTUS. Thankfully, I didn't have to. I believe the GM called the Corporate HQ and they called POTUS for me. :)


Timmy said...

That reminds me of an incident I had a well-known establishment. The well-known owner actually called me after he received my letter. I told him that he needs to do a better job of training his managers and giving them the empowerment to make a decision without having to call the United Nations to get it resolved.

A Girl From Texas said...

Well-known owner.... You have me very curious. Hmmm, was it Valone? Fertita? Del Grande?

I can't think of any other well-known Houston restaurant owners. I know of other owners but I don't know if they fall into the "well known" category.