Thursday, October 26, 2006

Cyberspace to Paris - Part 11

April 6, 1998

We were awakened by a knock at the door. The hotel brought us breakfast; we were not expecting that. So, we had breakfast in bed which was really really nice.

When I checked us out of the hotel, I noticed that they forgot to add the wine to our tab so I brought it up and paid it. Andy got mad at me for this. I just didn't feel right not paying for it. If we had driven off and I noticed, then I would have blown it off.

Off we went to Le Croisic, only 77 miles from Quiberon, another harbor town. I don't really recall the reason behind the places we decided to visit. It may just have been that when Andy and I laid out our itenerary, we took turns deciding where we would stay. Mont St. Michel was definitely my pick.

When we arrived we discovered our hotel was just off the water. The weather was slightly warmer but not by much and it was still very wet. We wandered up and down the coast for a while and window shopped. Later we found a bar where I had a demi-fraise. That, my friends, is a beer with a strawberry flavor added to it. A pinache is another similar drink but it is a beer mixed with their version of lemonade. Both are rather tasty. Andy drank his beer straight, like the respectable man that he was.

We noticed the people here did not seem happy. They didn't talk to one another and barely seemed to even acknowledge each other. Everyone seemed to have a dog as their companion. When we were ready to have dinner, we set out to find a restaurant with a decent selection of seafood; dictionary in hand. My vocabulary as it relates to seafood was limited. It seemed that all the restaurants had a sign indicating that they were pet friendly. "Your dog welcome here" is basically how it translated. It seemed so odd to me to come from such a happy place as Quiberon which was only 77 miles away to here where no one smiled.

The retaurant we ate at was called L'Atlantique. At first we were the only couple in the restaurant then after about 20 minutes another couple arrived. After they had been there only about 10 or 15 minutes they started to argue. She slapped him and then left him at the restaurant. Then she returned only about 15 minutes later with her dog! How sad. It seemed that these people could find companionship only from the canine variety.

When we went back to the hotel we hung out at the bar and stayed up late talking. I wish I remembered the things we talked about because we did a lot of it. Some of it personal, some just observations about life and our adventure.

The next two days would be the days that Andy and I decided we would just "wing it", so we didn't have a specific destination yet in mind. We did, however, know that we needed to be heading in the direction of Paris.

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