Saturday, October 28, 2006

Cyberspace to Paris - Part 13

April 8th, 1998

Andy and I had no idea what we were going to do with this day when we woke up. Not to worrie, Mr. Nouri had already anticipated that. When we sat down for breakfast, he presented us with a map that highlighted a loop around the area with 6 sites (castles) for us to visit. We made all six of them that day.

When we returned, we were tired so we took a quick nap. After an hour we went downstairs in an effort to head out for dinner. Mr. Nouri had just opened a bottle of wine and indicated that he wanted Andy and me to sit and share it with him. His wife joined us as well but she didn't talk much. Mr. Nouri was somewhat chauvinist and didn't seem to want his wife to talk so she sort of would nod off during conversation. This made both of us uncomfortable.

By about 9:00 we were able to escape and find dinner. This was the best meal of our trip. We went to a place called L'Auberge St. Pierre. The host was so incredibly polite as were the waiters. Andy was so cute. He looked at me across the table and told me to select his meal and order for him. He wanted to see how well I knew him. I did well.

When we got back, we were hoping not to alert Mr. Nouri of our return because we knew he would want to talk. The clever man had one of those motion detecting lights on his drive way. There was no way of returning without anyone knowing. Sure enough, he was waiting up for us.

Down to his celler he went and produced one of the nicest brandies I've ever experienced. I want to say it was Napolean III. He was not approving of my choice to drink this as I think he believed there was a more appropriate drink for women that I should be enjoying. I'm not sure if he offered it to me or not but I opted for the brandy. We stayed up until close to 1:00 visiting with him. His english was limited so I had to translate for Andy. I don't think that Nouri had access to the internet so we weren't sure he understood how we knew one another. It didn't matter really.

This was probably the best day we had of the entire trip.

Tomorrow, we go to Paris!

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