Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A match made in heaven

A couple of Saturdays ago I was searching and searching for an Icee. It's so hard to know where to find them, these days. When I was a child, 7-Eleven was the place to go. I think I went to three different convenient stores before I hit pay dirt. I love Icees.

I love Whoppers, too. Thankfully, I can still get away with eating them but I'm sure the day is just around the corner when I'll have to really cut back on them. Anyway, I went to Burger King this afternoon for a Whopper and guess what they have just added to their menu?

Yep, you got it, Icees! I can get an Icee and a Whopper in one place.

Ah, yes, Life is Good.


Freebird said...

If I take Andrew with me to the movies his must have is a Cherry Icee, mine is a buttered popcorn.

Just fyi, I've seen Icee's at Walmart and Target too.

Cathy said...

Your life just got a lot easier didn't it. As for as food and drinks anyway.

I had my first Icee in Jacksonville, Florida. I used to visit my cousin during the summers. He was two years older than me and had cute friends. That particular summer I fell in love with Icees and a fella named Chester. My love of Icees lasted.

Amy said...

I hate icee's. Blue-raspberry (which is not even a fruit), cherry and sometimes coke are not good options. I am a slurpee aficiondo. I turn my nose up at icee's!

A Girl From Texas said...

Freebird: I knew that Target had them but there wasn't one nearby. So I stopped in a bunch of different convenient stores.....Valero saved the day!

Cathy, when I was kid sipping on Icee's, I was in love with a boy named christopher porsche. I wonder if that's why I love Porsches so much? Wow, I just had a thought: heaven would be munching down a whopper, with an icee while driving down the road in a Boxster. They have cupholders now, you know.

Amy - there's a difference between slurpee and icee? Hmmmmm