Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cyberspace to Paris - Part 3

I was delighted to see him that night and came to learn that the period of silence between us was merely computer problems that Andy was having that prevented him from being able to connect. So, eager to help my sister make new friends, I introduced Andy to Diane.

The nice thing about introducing him to my sister is that through the dialog that transpired between the three of us, I was able to see another side of Andy. It was like taking a step back and observing a little; and on the same token granted him the same opportunity about me. What I observed most was a consistency in his playful, quick-witted character.

Diane was very excited about her new outlet through chat on the internet and was persistent about playfully conversing with Andy and myself. She was giddy and talkative which fostered an animated environment for Andy and I to volley our flirtatious phrases. Her frequent interruptions to our private conversations helped to fuel our desire to be alone with one another even more.

Soon after we recommenced our online communication, GFT introduced me to her sister who was just getting into the whole net expereince; and we partook in some three-way online chats together. I enjoyed these very much and always found them entertaining; however, a part of me was beginning to feel I wanted GFT to myself. An element of frustratration developed when we started chatting alone and then were joined by her sister. Our conversations were beginning to ride the roller-coaster of sexual flirtation; and I felt we were both keen to explore this side of our net relationship in more detail in spite of an element of nervousness on both our parts.

Finally, Diane's exuberance began to fade and she exchanged her computer for sleep leaving Andy and me alone to continue without her.

I was keenly aware at this point how attracted I was to him and how open I felt I could be. If we were in a room together physically, I would have wanted him to kiss me. So, I envisioned it in my mind and tried to connect with how I would feel if indeed we were alone in a room together. Giddy, light-headed, and nervous would be an accurate description.

So, playfully, I said to him that I anticipated an adventure. Seeking clarification or perhaps it was an effort to force me to reveal my thougths he asked me what type of adventure I was anticipating.

"It starts with a kiss", I said. "I think our lips just brush. Yes, that is how it begins."

"A kiss is a strange place to start" he stated, then asked, "how did we get there?"

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