Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Cyberspace to Paris - Part 4

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Ah, I loved it. A man that enjoys the process as much as reaching the final destination. So I stretched my imagination and allowed the vision to begin.

“We are sitting next to each other on a train bound for a small provincial town near Nice” I begin. “We have a car to ourselves but it isn’t a private car. We have a bottle of wine and two paper cups to drink from. Since it’s not really night time but more like dusk and it’s a summer evening, we are drinking a chilled Pinot Grigio.”

“Who brought the wine? Are we together or did we meet by chance on the train?” He queried.

“We met on the boat over the channel and by chance chose the same car. You bought the wine on the ferry in an attempt to rid yourself of your coins and I happened to have a few paper cups with me."

Andy picked up on my vision and began to contribute his perspective.

“The conversation is starting to flow and we are smiling and being attentive towards each other.”

"I am beginning to notice little things about you, like the way the light plays on your hair and your eyes. And the funny little thing you do with your nose and the way your muscles show through your shirt.”

“And the way your eyes sparkle when I say something that makes you smile” he continued. “And the thin laughter lines that appear on your face when you do so”

“Yes, those laughter lines are very thin, and almost invisible, right?”

“That’s right, but alluring just the same”

“Of course. You’re stretched out and your legs are crossed at the ankles and your hands are crossed behind your head. You’re very relaxed and at ease with yourself and your surroundings.”

“But every so often I lean towards you when you are speaking. I begin to notice how you have turned yourself ever so slightly towards me and how you pen your lips as you sip the wine. You see me watching you.”

“I am nervous and giddy. We have been talking about silly, fun stuff while drinking wine from paper cups. I’m observing your hands, like the little hairs on your fingers..” Playfully, I interject, “I see that you are not an ape.”

“I notice that you are contemplating the strands of hair that have loosely fallen across my forehead and I push my hands through it. We both laugh at this and I think to myself that I wish that she had done that.”

“I feel robbed and I think to myself, ‘is his hair soft or thick?’”

“or both”

“Suddenly, the train makes a jerky move and we are thrown from our positions. I fall towards you. One of your hands reaches to your side as you balance yourself against the window of the train.”

“And the other reaches out to stop you from falling. As you are pushed towards me and we come closer together I catch the scent of your perfume. Then, as your head comes against my face, I can smell the sweetness of your hair.”

“I can feel your chin on my head and my nose is in your chest. There is a faint smell of cologne that was applied early that morning; it’s mixed with your own natural fragrance and gives off a very masculine and musky smell”

“As the train steadies itself, I bring my other arm up to your head and turn your face towards me as I hold you firmly. I find no resistance.”

“Realizing the position, I’m in, I try to move. Abut your arms are tight about me and won’t let me pull away. I don’t fight it as I like where I am and I continue to allow the rhythm of the train and the smell of the cologne to pull me into its spell”

I look deeply into your eyes to try to get some sense of the situation without revealing my own feelings. I observe the slight quiver of your lips”

“I focus on the shape of your mouth, the curve of your lower lip and the firmness of your chin. You have a confident look about you and I wonder what it would be like to kiss you. I guess you were as curious as I but not quite as bold as you responded to my gaze and brushed your lips over mine, gently and softly.”

And so it was; our first cyber kiss. One can rest assured that neither Andy nor I were satisfied to end things there and that we stayed true to form as we pushed the fantasy to a wonderful and heated climactic ending. We continued to build the experience one paragraph upon another and within the continuing text revealed our sweet, playful and romantic personalities.

“Go to sleep, Andy” I finished, “thank you for a wonderful train ride through France. May the night-time fairies bless you with a sweet sleep”.

“Thank you for sharing it with me, GFT. Sleep well, too. And when you do, have sweet dreams.”

We both disconnected our computers from the internet. I slept soundly and sweetly that night thinking about this new person I allowed to touch my life. And more than anything, I enjoyed the unselfish trusting way tat both of us opened up to each other and allowed ourselves to contribute to a wonderful adventure.

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