Thursday, May 19, 2005

A Brave Alysha Cosby

Banning Alysha Cosby from participating in graduating from St. Jude because she is pregnant is beyond disgusting. While she was being banned, the father of the child, however, was allowed to graduate. (On a side note, I notice that the paper excluded his name. I wonder if the reporters did that inentionally in an effort not to take away the spotlight from this brave girl).

Alysha Cosby believed in herself and in her right to walk across that stage, so she did it anyway. This is a fabulous demonstration of leadership and dignity. The Institution's philosophy is posted on their website. Ms. Cosby, through these events, embodies that philosophy.

This incident brings to mind Vanessa Williams. No one remembers the name of any Miss America but we all remember Vanessa Williams. She was forced to relinquish her crown because photographs surfaced of her and made their way into a pornographic magazine. They surfaced because someone had them and seeing an opportunity to make a chunk of money, sold them and then fled the country leaving behind a humiliated Miss America to face the music.

Today, Ms. Williams has a fabulous career as both a singer and an actress. Why? Becasue there are people who saw a good and talented person being unjustly punished. They saw the hypocricy. Because, if anything, the Miss America Committee should have stood behind her. The real criminal was the man who sold the photos.

I think something similar will happen for Ms. Cosby. I believe that there are influential people right now who recognize the bravery and determination in Ms. Cosby that one finds in most successful people. They will see through the hypocricy of St. Jude and will award her, I am sure.

I don't think this will be the last we hear of Ms. Cosby.

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