Monday, May 16, 2005

Newsweek's Blunders

I'm really disappointed by Newsweek's recent mistake regarding the report they submitted regarding the desecration of the Quran.

I think that it is always more provacative to write and report on anything that defies or challenges the White House. It doesn't matter who the Chief in Command is just that he has a plan and puts himself out there for criticism. I think that if he didn't do anything but skirt around issues and play the hide & seek game, there wouldn't be as much meat out there for the press. But as it stands, Bush has clear ideas. Not only does he have them but he ACTS on them. That gives the press a target.

In the past, when the world was smaller, stories breaking in the U.S. didn't have the same impact on the rest of the world that they have today. It wasn't that easy to find stories and spread them as it is today. Now, any obscure story can be found on the internet and spread all over the world. Within hours of it's release.

I don't think that reporters today have any defined values or ethics. That being said, I also don't think that the reporter who submitted that story had any idea it would have the impact it had; an impact that ultimately resulted in death and destruction. That story gives me the impression that the reporter is against America. I'm not saying he's not American. I'm saying it gives me the impression.

Ok, so now here we go, I've opened a new can of worms, right? I'm not saying that if one disagrees with the U.S. that it means their unpatriotic. I'm just sick and tired of the press constantly standing on the sidelines waiting for something with which they can bring the administration down. But you know what? I think the administration is doing a pretty good job with the press.

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