Saturday, May 28, 2005

Schapelle Corby - what will her fate be?

I am really upset by the news of Schapelle Corby's verdict. Based on what I've ready, it seems that she didn't have a chance in hell of receiving a 'not guilty' verdict. I believe that she was telling the truth that she did not bring these drugs into their country. The problem, in my opinion, is that the guys that were smuggling it into the country through her are probably imbedded into the system. In otherwords they are probably government officials, also.

So, now what? Will her government allow her to sit in there and rot or am I being too optimistic here. It makes me wonder as well about how this would have been handled had it been a U.S. citizen. If she were an American, would she be tried there as well, too? Did they render her guilty in hopes that tons of money would be poured their way in an effort to free her?

I read that Australians regretted their support to the Tsunami victims. I understand their feelings of betrayal. Unfortunately, this country is a third world country and their people do not have human rights as we do and what's worse, she's a woman.

Nonetheless, I'm very worried about her and I find the whole situation disturbing.

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