Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Spring Thumb

My amaryllis bulbs arrived a little over a week ago. I took the little tags off so that I wouldn't know what color each one was at they grew. I love surprises.

About 2 weeks ago, I planted impatiens seeds in some little coffee cups, just until they germinate and grow a little. Once big enough, I'll transplant them into a little flower box or something. I've noticed today that they've started to sprout. Ooooh, that's exciting.

I really do enjoy my plants. I like starting everything from the beginning. Somehow, taking it from start to finish makes me feel like I accomplished something.

I think if I won the lottery, I would probably open a nursery. Maybe I would design gardens. I notice gardens a lot. It's Spring, that has to be the reason I notice. Everyone is hit with this in the Spring, not just me. Right?

It must be a fertility thing. Spring makes way to new things.

I've been scheming trying to find out what I might be able to plant just outside my door. I live in an apartment community so it isn't like this is my place. A flower box neatly installed on the stair rail just outside my door would be nice. Actually, what I really want to do is plant a wisteria vine.

I love wisteria so much. I grew up in Midland and just outside the door of our house we had a beautiful, healthy wisteria. The only bad thing is that the bees liked it almost as much as I did. I didn't really notice the bees that much I just remember them now. My father loved rose bushes. I never got into them. The thorns, I think the thorns are a drawback for me.

Anyway, it's good to revive my green thumb again; I've missed it.

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