Sunday, May 29, 2005

Stem Cells

When we were relying on aborted fetuses in order to conduct stem cell research, I was for a ban on the research. My greatest concern was the that there would be potential for pregnant women to be able to financially benefit from selling their unborn fetuses to research companies. There was just too much room for corruption.

But now that the abortion factor is OUT of the picture and we now have embryos that can be accessed, I think the government needs to step aside and let science move forward. It is also time for the Republican Party to demonstrate that it truly is NOT a puppet of the Religious Right because from here, it looks like they are.

I find their dedication to the Religious Right to be very frustrating. So for now, my position is that I continue to contribute financially to the Democratic Party who fight for the things I think are important: Women's Reproductive Rights, Rights for Homosexuals. And I will vote for the Republican Party to continue to defend our country and keep our taxes lowered.

My greatest concern is that if the Administration continues to allow the Religious Right to have so much of its demands met that this Administration will give Americans no other choice but to vote in a Democrat during the 2008 elections. I think that would be a mistake.

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