Sunday, May 22, 2005

There's one in every crowd

I have been attending a local UU church and have recently decided to become a member.

I wonder what I have gotten myself into. I am an odd bird. I support the Republican Party. I believe in a strong military, defense and our presence in Iraq. I love our President. I am an atheist. I support women's reproductive rights and tolerance towards homosexuals. I believe in accountability and privatizing a portion of our social security. I vehemenently oppose the influence of the Religious right in politics.

Traditionally, the UU church swings liberal. That is especially true with the group I'm in now. They do a lot of Bush bashing. But what I have discoverd while being among them is that while President Clinton was in office, I expressed some of the same frustrations these guys express about Bush. So I am convinced that each side holds similar points of view of the other.

These are good people. They deeply care about their children and others. They have great hearts. But they are also somewhat cynical and pessimistic about the future. But I think that is expected when ones person is not in office. They feel a strong need to get involved and advance their causes. I also think that they are very naive about the world. Their naivity is what concerns me the most. I don't think they fully grasp how much evil there is in this world. Kenneth Lay is the probably the most evil person on their list; maybe Bill Gates comes in a close second.

I shared my situation with a close friend. He told me he thought I was someone these people needed. I think I understand his point. But for me to be really effective, I have to read more and become a lot more informed.

I am looking forward to making friends here and hope that I am able to find my way among them.

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