Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bon Voyage Astros

The World Series is over and the Astros are heading out on vacation. As for we Astros fans, well we're still trying to figure what the hell was going on with MLB. They insisted we open the roof to screw up the home field advantage for the Astros, disallowed the rally rags from being distributed to the fans, and (I assume) encouraged the umpires to make the strike zone as ambiguous as they could.

I was listening to Sam Malone this morning on 740 am radio. He made an interesting point. Apparently the TV ratings for the World Series was 33, 37 being the lowest. There was pressure to just end the series, so Bud Selig pushed to do whatever he could to end it. Among all the things that were discussed, the idea that they just felt pressure to end the series made the most sense.

I heard a lawsuit was being submitted agains the MLB regarding the roof. I think the suit should be directly against Bud but what difference would it make, really? In the end, he isn't going to reflect over his decision and regret it. I don't think that people, when they get to wealth and status of someone like himself, ever really look back and regret the decisions they made that made them wealthy and powerful. They may wish they didn't make those decisions but not if it means giving up the wealth and power. So, no matter what one says to them or does to them, it isn't going change who they are. He's a slimy bastard and will go to his grave that way.

The one thing that won't change is how much this city loves its Astros. And we are looking forward to a new season.

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