Friday, October 21, 2005

Satan in Sheep's Clothing

I saw Prime Time this Thursday and; what I saw sickened me. It has taken me a day to be able to put my thumb on it but I think I got it.

The episode yesterday began with a piece about 2 young girls, Lamb and Lynx Gaede. These girls are twins and are about 10 or 12 years of age. Both of them with blonde hair and blue eyes. They sing folk songs; one plays the guitar, the other the violin. So, what's the problem?

Their songs are about the greatness of white supremacy. They even have a song that celebrates the life of Rudolph Hess. These girls are scheduled to sing at the Phoenix Eurofest where Fritz Berg will be speaking. The deeper and deeper you look at these girls and the evil that is swirling around them the worse it gets. I don't know if I should be disgusted or heartbroken.

During the interview on Prime Time someone, not the girls, mentioned the hatred that one hears in Gansta Rap music that is embraced by many of the young African American population. He wants to know how is it any different. Ok, he has a point. If the Black population can sing about hatred and promote violence against the white man, why can't the reverse happen. It can happen and it does happen, every day. That doesn't make it right.

In most cases, and I'm aware not all cases, these African American rap singers who grow up angry and hateful got that way as a result of events that happened in their lives that kept hitting them until they broke somewhere. Maybe they were raised in the hood where they were beat by their parents, saw their brother brutally murdered by a cop or maybe a sister was raped. But the hatred they feel inside is a result of unfair and unjust events in their lives. Are they justified in being angry, of course they are. Should they push for hatred against their perceived enemie, no. Hatred is never ever productive.

Here, we have two, beautiful and talented girls whose parents are taking the time to ensure that they have hatred towards other races. They aren't beating them, hurting them or abusing them. They are taking extreme measures to teach them to hate as a part of their philosophy. What a waste of talent and of youth. These girls aren't fantasizing about growing up and becoming professionals where they can actually make a real contribution to society and be happy. Their future is in promoting the agendas of hateful white men who wish to promote the agenda of Hitler and the KKK.

It's just creepy.


Freebird said...

Gosh, that's just sad. As a parent, I can't imagine doing that to a kid. It's just wrong. I followed your link to their site and found these lyrics: Aryan man awake, How much more will you take, Turn that fear to hate, Aryan man awake. It's hard to imagine those sweet-looking girls singing something like this.

A Girl From Texas said...

I KNOW! It's horrible and twisted. Did you follow the link on Fritz Berg....scroll down his web page and see what he says about the holocaust.

Freebird said...

What a nutjob!

Jim said...

This isn't about your post. It's meant to respond to a comment on my blog about great lines from films. Tonight, on Bravo channel there's a 3-hour AFI show about the top 100 film quotes. You might want to tape it; I think I will.uzuhbo

Jim said...

Ooops! I got the damn word verification right in my comment !

Cathy said...

My word, they are the Olsen twins of the Aryan Nation. What their parents are doing with them does not make sense. They teach them to hate but then turn around and market them to make money which, in a backwards way, identifies them with the people they are teaching them to hate. It will be ineresting to see what choices these girls make when they are old enough to think for themselves and make thier own decisions.

A Girl From Texas said...

It's interesting that you compared them to the Olsen Twins. The interviewer from Prime Time said the same thing and the girls response was that they liked the Olsen Twins.

Wouldn't be ironic if they become rebellious and have an inter-racial marriage?

Cathy said...

LOL!! Guess that would put mama and daddy in their place huh?