Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Wierd Dreams

Music: Silence
Mood: Amused

I had the strangest dream last night. I dreamt that I had decided to become a Scientologist. It started with my attending a session. The meeting place itself was rather unceremonious. It reminded me of the place I used to go for yoga classes. Those of us in attendance were not seated in any orderly fashion but rather lounged in an informal sort of way. Tom Cruise was there and believe it or not, I wasn't that excited about his presence, which is strange because I used to be crazy about him.

The activity we participated in was similar to a virtual reality game one might find at D & B. In the game, what was seen were small black dots. Using Tai Chi type motions, these dots were connected simply by using our fingers or feet to point to one dot then draw a line to the next dot. The lines from dot to dot were generally bright neon colors. It was a very simple activity, there didn't seem to be any challenge in it.

Then we were told what we were allowed to eat. All I can remember is that we were not allowed to eat onions. According to the leaders, we were to follow a path of resistance in order to be strong and wise. Onions allowed a path of least resistance. I happened to like red onions on salad.

I remember being dangled off of something similar to a cliff. It was a growth exercise dealing with fear.

I woke up from this dreaming thinking, what the hell was that all about? Obviously, I'm bothered by Katie's abandonment of self for something so dubious. But why was the dream so bizarre. Well, dreams have a tendency to be bizarre, so I guess I shouldn't question that so much; however, the dream was really pulling me to conclude something.

And as I was recounting the dream to colleagues I found what the dream meant to me. It just sort of came to me.

Scientology is bogus.


Cathy said...

A bizarre dream about a bizarre "religion." I must say though, that I wish I had such entertaining dreams.

A Girl From Texas said...

I really should remember my dreams more because they are really very interesting most of the time.