Sunday, October 30, 2005

Photographs and Memories

My friend, Kathy, recently purchased a darling little townhome in Bellaire. She had been living in the same house she purchased 30 some odd years ago and it really was time for a change. I can't believe how lucky she was to have found this darling jewel at such a reasonable price.

So, she's having her old house remodeled so she can lease it out. One of the daunting tasks she had to do was clear the stuff out of her closets. She threw bags and bags of stuff away. This got me to thinking about the stuff tucked back in my closets and maybe I should do the same.

Yesterday, I pulled out a box from my closet. It was a box of all my old journals and stuff. Obviously, coming across this caused me to pause and read through my past. Needless to say, the cleaning project was put on immediate hiatus while I delved into my past.

There it was. The letter he wrote me some 7 or 8 years ago. I had broken off our friendship, it was complicated. So many things have happened since then. She had come between us and the connection wasn't strong enough to salvage. And since breaking things off with her several weeks ago, I feel so damned free. I've come so far along since then. I'm so much more independent and self-determined now than ever before.

I feel compelled to send him a Christmas Card implying an invitation to reconnect. Do I dare?

Perhaps I should consult the cards.


Freebird said...

Maybe the timing just wasn't right back then. Consult the cards. The cards don't lie.

A Girl From Texas said...

A friend told me that he had a high school friend's life ruined by "tarot cards". (this was about 20+ years ago) Apparently "the cards" said he had to have sex with 2 girls, so he did and got them both pregnant.

I told him that wasn't the tarot cards, it was the reader.

However, I am curious to know about the outcome of the 2 childrend this man fathered. Maybe they contributed significantly in some way....