Saturday, October 15, 2005

Tarot Cards Arrived

My eagerly anticipated Tarot Cards arrived yesterday. I love them, they are soooo beautiful. I need to buy a wooden box for them and, apparently, I'm supposed to store them with crystals and sage. I wonder if the Magic Cauldren will have these necessary items.

The book that comes with the cards is excellent. It explains the cards and offers exercises to help me understand their different meanings. I can't wait to start reading them for my friends. I thought about putting a sign in my window but not everyone of my neighbors is going to be open minded about this. So, if it looks like this might be my calling, I'll just let it be word of mouth.

An observation I've made is that it seems that all of the tarot readers I've been to use the same deck. Do these people not know there is a place one can go to to find some beautiful and artistic cards. Artists have pulled together to design some fabulous cards, all of them committed to understanding the meaning behind each card as they illustrate them. The deck I selected is the Gilded Tarot. They really are just beautiful and are very deserving of their own wooden box.

I'm curious about Oracle cards, too. Here is a gorgeous deck called the Goddess Knowledge Cards. And the Goddess Oracle Cards look rather ulluring as well; something about the Indian overtones seem to add to their mystery.

Anyway, I'm thoroughly enjoying my cards.


Cathy said...

The cards are magnificent. I would love to have the Goddess Guidance cards. I love the colors and artwork. I have the plain old Universal Waite Tarot cards I'm afraid. No wooden box, nothing and especially no crystal to store them with. Think I will put the Goddess ones on my Christmas list.

A Girl From Texas said...

Cathy, the interesting thing are the dreams I've been having over the last 3 days since I received them and have been studying them.

I cannot wait to start reading them.. I still have a lot of work to learn them. But I know more than I think I know.