Monday, October 17, 2005

More on Scientology

I don't know why I have taken so much interest in this thing with Tom Cruise (TC) and Katie Holmes (KH) but I have. It isn't their relationship with one another that I've been so interested in knowing about as much as it is his and her involvement in Scientology.

I have been doing a lot of reading; and I have to admit, I have been focusing on the control part of the religion. There is so much stuff out there on it now. It's quite impressive how motivated people are to make this information available.

Something I have concluded though is that TC is pretty clueless about many aspects of this religion. He has no idea regarding the concept of Xenu and Thetans based on this interview. I believe that Tom sincerely has no idea what the reporter is referring to in the question that he poses.

I can imagine the fear that Scientology has regarding the backlash that all this interest in their organization is bringing. If you put the term "Scientology" in a google search, the second link on the page is this one. I don't think that's very good for them.

I came across another interview that leads me to believe they are both being so totally used by Scientology. I don't think either of them realizes how much they are being used.

In one interview I've listened to, TC really is a bright guy and he seems very sincere but he also seems to think that many things evolve around him. I think that Scientology has something to do with this; they constantly feed his ego. If TC starts to get wind of some of the other aspects of this "religion" he might begin to pull away from it. He is their biggest spokesperson. That wouldn't be good.

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